“People’s eyes are going to bug out of their heads,” predicts Stephen King, about the CBS series based on his book, Under the Dome, for which he is also executive producer. The series doesn’t begin until June 24, but the “first look” trailer has just been released. The L.A. Times speculates that CBS released the promo early because they are “wisely taking advantage of the apocalyptic mania stoked by Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead.”

The producers told a crowd at WonderCon on Saturday that the series may deviate from the book, with King’s blessing, “He told us, ‘Really use the book as a jumping off point. Use the characters, use the themes, but don’t be afraid to go to new places.’ ”

It stars Mike VogelDean Norris, and Rachelle Lefevre.


Under the Dome, Stephen King
Trade paperback; 9781476735474, 1476735476
On Sale Date: May 14, 2013

It seems that CBS was also wise to go straight to series with this one, keeping it out of the network pilot season pile-up.Vulture writes that networks are dealing with over 100 shows, some scrambling for name actors (Christina Ricci recently walked away from the lead in Girlfriend in a Coma, based on Douglas Coupland’s book, delaying that project as NBC tries to find a replacement).

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