The War in Vietnam On MOYERS & COMPANY

Killy Anything That MovesThe “almost unfathomable suffering” caused by American troops during the war in Vietnam was described by journalist Nick Turse on Bill Moyers’ show on Friday. His book,  Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam  (Macmillan/Holt/Metropolitan Books), is based on documents that were “buried deep in the recesses of the National Archives.”

Moyers calls the book a “Beautifully written account of real horrors in Vietnam, ” adding, “Nick Turse has given us a fresh holistic work that stands alone for its blending of history and journalism, for the integrity of research brought to life through the diligence of first-person interviews. Those interviews skillfully unlock the memories of American warriors and expose the wounds that to this day still scar the hearts and minds of villagers who survived the scorched earth of Vietnam. Here is a powerful message for us today, a reminder of what war really costs.”

Libraries are showing holds, as high as 8:1 on modest orders.

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  1. Kay Weiss Says:

    Happy to announce HighBridge will be releasing this on audio. Look for information in Edelweiss in a few days.