Early Attention: THE DINNER

The DinnerNPR backs up raves on GalleyChat for The Dinner by Dutch author Herman Koch (RH/Hogarth; AudioGo; Thorndike Large Print coming soon), by giving it an “Exclusive First Read” on their Web site. It’s about two brothers and their wives  who get together for a fancy dinner in Amsterdam. This is not a celebratory dinner, however; they have come together to discuss a grisly crime perpetrated by their sons, for which they remain uncaught. As the meal progresses, the parents regress, revealing carefully hidden insecurities and resentments. When it was published in the UK in August, The Economist headlined its review, “The best beach read of the season is finally published in English.” It also notes that the translation is “seamless.”

It was featured at the Random House MidWinter Buzz session and is  available as a digital review copy on Edelweiss, as are many of the other RH Buzz titles.

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