ME BEFORE YOU Gaining Fans

Me Before YouOn our watch list for this week is Jojo Moyes’s potential breakout novel, Me Before You, (Penguin/Pamela Dorman Books, Thorndike Large Print), a word-of-mouth success in Great Britain. The editor of USA Today’s book reviews, Deirdre Donahue gave it her thumbs up on Friday, saying,

…it’s a bit hard to describe or stuff into a single category. There’s an unlikely love story, complicated family dynamics and a moral dilemma of an ending that Jodi Picoult might envy. Me Before You also paints a portrait of a small English village riddled with class distinctions that rings more true than J.K. Rowling’s overwrought The Casual Vacancy.

Libraries are now showing one-to-one holds. Keep your eye on this one.

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