Libraries Behaving Like Bookstores? Amazing.

bcpl-1The NYT  reports today that libraries are adopting the bookstore model, by stocking what readers want and offering bestsellers in quantity.

A brand-new concept?

Hardly, as a 1979 article from Publishers Weekly about Baltimore County Public Library’s move toward the “demand-oriented, public bookstore” direction proves (click here to view pages onetwo and three in full size).

It’s a good reminder as we head into the New Year that “everything old is new again.”

Our thanks to our friends at Publishers Weekly for permission to reproduce this story. In case you are wondering, the author of the piece, Kenneth C. Davis, went on to write the “Don’t Know Much About” series.

2 Responses to “Libraries Behaving Like Bookstores? Amazing.”

  1. Gail Says:

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Laura Says:

    How true! In the 33 years since BCPL pioneered the
    bookstore approach, it is “new to the NYTs” and still probably to many libraries. Even in this digital age when library customers, aka patrons, continuously tell library planning consultants that they want the same atmosphere, amentities and browsing approach they experience in bookstores, many libraries are do (will) not “give em what they want.”