PARKER Trailer

Character names as movie titles are currently in vogue. There’s the two Jacks — Jack Reacher (based on Lee Child’s One Shot, in theaters 12/21) and Jack Ryan (based on Tom Clancy’s character, scheduled to arrive a year later) — as well as Alex Cross (based on James Patterson’s character, Oct 19).

Just released is a trailer for Parker, based on the character featured in 24 novels by Donald Westlake, writing as Richard Stark. The U. of Chicago Press, which has been reissuing the novels, describes Parker as displaying “chilling tenacity and laconic anticharm.” The former is on full display in this trailer; not so sure about the latter.

The movie, directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, opens Jan. 25.

Parker has been featured in several earlier movies. The most famous are Point Blank, 1967, with Lee Marvin in the lead (for some reason, the character’s name was changed to “Walker”) and Mel Gibson in Payback, 1999 (again the name was changed, this time to “Porter”).

The University of Chicago Press is releasing Flashfire as a tie-in (like the other Parker novels, the publisher is making them available in ebook via OverDrive. An audio is being released by AudioGo).

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