LINCOLN Trailer Premieres

The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which focuses on the last four months of the president’s life, premiered last night (yes, trailers now have premieres — this one was on Google+ and featured a conversation with Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Robert Todd Lincoln). In addition to being online, it was featured on the ABC Jumbotron in Times Square.

Entertainment Weekly’s analysis of the film gives a warning in the headline; “Know your Civil War history before watching Daniel Day-Lewis bring it to life,”

The film opens in a limited number of theaters on Nov, 9, expanding to many more on Nov. 16.

The following is the Google+ presentation:

The movie is based on the later sections of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals.

It is being released in trade paperback and audio tie-in editions (S&S, 10/16).

Official Movie Site:

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