Uneasy Times For NO EASY DAY

New controversy has surfaced about No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden (Penguin/Dutton; Penguin Audio), which releases today.  A group of Special Operations veterans released an ebook yesterday that suggests the pseudonymous author, Mark Owen, was motivated to write the book by anger against his former employers. According to quotes from the book by The Daily Beast, Owen,

 …was treated very poorly … once he openly shared that he was considering getting out of the Navy to pursue other interests…What do you do when you find yourself pissed off at your former employer, out of a job, and in need of a paycheck? You start cashing in chips.

According to the Daily Beast, the book is sympathetic to Owen and says the author does not reveal the most confidential information about the raid.

The ebook, No Easy Op, is written by a group of Special Operations veterams and published by SOFREP.com, through Amazon Digital Services. It is exclusively available on the Kindle and  is not available for library lending.

An interview with Owen is scheduled to air on Sixty Minutes this Sunday.

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