Libraries Build Buzz


At the BEA Librarians’ Shout ‘n’ Share program, the panelists picked Attica Locke’s second thriller, The Cutting Season, (HarperCollins, 9/18) as one of their favorites for the fall. Wendy Bartlett exhorted the audience, “If your customers don’t know Attica Locke, you’re not doing your job of turning people on to great new talent.”

An added bonus, it will also be available in audio from Dreamscape (both CD and downloadable from OverDrive).

We’d like to see what would happen if libraries all over the country got behind The Cutting Season. Who knows? Maybe we could make a best seller. Here’s what you can do:

1) Ask library staff to read The Cutting Season (the digital ARC is available from Edelweiss).

2) If they share our enthusiasm, buy extra copies (consider buying extra of the audio as well).

3) Promote The Cutting Season on your Web site, newsletters, through readers advisory and in the local press. Let us know your creative ideas.

3) Watch holds to see if they grow.

4) Report back on your success.

Locke lives in Los Angeles where she is active on the Board of the Los Angeles Public Library Foundation. She is originally from Houston where her first book, Black Water Rising, is set. Her new book is set in Louisiana. It is the first title selected by Dennis Lehane for his new imprint at HarperCollins.

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