The Swedish director, Lars Hallstrom (Chocolat, Dear John, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) has made his first Swedish-language movie in 24 years, based on  The Hypnotist by the Swedish husband-and-wife team writing under the name Lars Kepler (some of you may have seen their charming talk at PLA this year). The trilogy is the second most popular crime series in Sweden, after Stieg Larsson’s Millennium  titles.

The film opens in Sweden in September. At this point, there is no US release date, but it is sure to find an American distributor, given the success of the Swedish-language versions of the Stieg Larsson trilogy.

The second book in the trilogy, The Nightmare (Macmillan.FSG/Sarah Crichton) was released in the US earlier this month. Hallstrom has said he doesn’t plan to film the entire trilogy, but if this one is successful, another director is likely to step in.

The Hypnotist stars Mikael Persbrandt (In A Better WorldThe Hobbit) and Lena Olin (The Unbearable Lightness Of BeingChocolat).

Below is the Swedish-language trailer. There are no subtitles, but it gives a sense of the movie’s tone and atmosphere, which is quite different from the movies Hallstrom has made to date:

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