Hot Authors Pick Sizzling Summer Reads

Charlaine Harris and Janet Evanovich have fun picking some “sizzling summer reads” on the Today Show this morning.

Most are already best sellers, but Harris picked a few lesser-known titles.

Wicked Autumn, G.M. Malliet, (Macmillan/Minotaur, 9/13/11)

Reaching back to last fall, Harris picks this “reimagining of the basic English village mystery with an Episcopal priest who is a former M15 agent. It’s fun, it’s not too serious and it’s wonderful to read.”


The Rook, Daniel O’Malley (Hachette/Little Brown, 1/11/12)

“It opens with a woman standing in a circle of corpses and she has no idea who she is but she knows she’s the one who has killed all these people…Incredibly complex and weirdly funny.”


Once Burned, Jeaniene Frost, HarperCollins/Avon original paperback, 6/26

Commenting on the cover, Harris says that Frost “ripples pecks with the best of them” and that she is “an intelligent witty writer who has picked romance as her genre and supernatural romance at that.”


Those Across The River, Christopher Buehlman, (Penguin/Berkley/Ace, 9/6/11)

Another title from last fall, Harris simply says, it’s “Scary, scary, scary.” Her online annotation gives more detail, “One of the scariest books I’ve read in years, this is a depression-era novel about an illicit couple who seek solitude at a cabin in a remote area. Across the river, there are some strange people, people with whom the local townsfolk have a strange relationship. Suspenseful and shocking.”

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