How To Get Excellent Placement on Amazon

How can you get your self-published book noticed on Amazon? First, publish with Amazon Kindle Direct. Next write an essay entitled, “How Amazon Saved My Life.”

That’s what Jessica Park did. As a result, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos featured her book in a letter to customers on Amazon’s home page (he also pointed out that 22 of the top 100 Kindle eBooks were written by self-published authors).

No surprise, the book is now rising on the Kindle best seller list. Despite the heavy promotion, however, it hasn’t yet cracked the top 100 list (currently, it’s at #372).

The book is available to libraries for digital download via OverDrive and B&T’s Axis 360 (ISBN 9781458164407). It is also available in paperback from Amazon’s CreateSpace (ISBN 9781461085973). It is listed as a children’s book for ages 8 to 9.

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