The NYT on FIFTY SHADES In Libraries

Two weeks after stories emerged about libraries removing copies of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy from their shelves, the paper of record takes a look at the controversy.

The story also reports that the National Coalition Against Censorship has organized several groups to oppose the decision to ban the books in Brevard County Public Library.  Last week, they sent a letter to the library’s board. The groups who signed the letter are:

American Booksellers Foundation For Free Expression

Association of American Publishers

PEN American Center

American Society of Journalists and Authors

The Independent Book Publishers Association

National Coalition Against Censorship

One Response to “The NYT on FIFTY SHADES In Libraries”

  1. hapax Says:

    I am astonished that in all the discussion in the general press and the library lit about 50 SHADES, nobody has brought up the books *extremely* dubious copyright status — the reason my library does not carry it.

    I hand enquiring patrons a sheet explaining the book’s origins, why the library has not purchased it, a link to an online site where they can read the story for free (as the author originally promised), and a list of recommendations for similar reading, many of which are much more sexually explicit and the library owns.