Follow Your BLISS

Entertainment Weekly‘s “Inside Movies” blog just released a clip from the forthcoming The Trouble with Bliss, in which Michael C. Hall’s character explains how he chose the places he dreams of visiting. Turns out they are all based on books; something every book lover would find perfectly logical, but “Inside Movies” labels as “pathetic” (we’re betting their tone would different if the choices had been based on movies).

We can’t show you the scene, because it’s an Entertainment Weekly “exclusive,” but a portion of it appears in the beginning of the trailer.

After appearing at several film festivals last year, it will be in limited release (NYC and LA only) as well as VOD, beginning March 23rd.

It’s adapted from the book East Fifth Street Bliss by Douglas Light, (Behler Publ., 2006), which was reviewed by Library Journal and is currently owned by many libraries. It’s no longer in print, but Dreamscape is releasing an audio version, using the film’s title, that is available both as a CD and downloadable via OverDrive

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