Reviewers’ Darling: FEAR INDEX

Sunday’s NYT Book Review caught up with Robert Harris’s Fear Index (RH/Knopf, Jan 31). Dozens of other reviews have already appeared (see summary here). It hit the 2/18 NYT fiction hardcover best seller list at #12 and is currently on the extended list at #24.

Last month, in a profile in The Washington Post, Harris was described as,

…[belonging to] the international community of the airport reader — the people of the paperback who demand burning plots and tense suspense. His stuff is Dan Brown, but better written. It’s Ken Follett, but less discovered. He does refined thrillers; he does restrained mania; he does social commentary disguised as potboiler.

A movie is also in the works, with Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum) directing. No cast has been announced.

Several libraries are showing heavy holds.

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