HARRY POTTER eBooks Will Be Available to Libraries

UPDATE: OverDrive just announced that the Harry Potter titles are available now for pre-order through Content Reserve.

At this point, none of the Harry Potter books are available digitally, but when they are, libraries will be able to buy them to circulate.

When J.K. Rowling announced plans for the web site Pottermore.com, she also announced that it would be the exclusive seller of Harry Potter eBooks. Today, OverDrive announced that they have entered into a deal for both eBook and digitial audio distribution of the titles to schools and libraries.

In the press release, Charlie Redmayne, Pottermore’s CEO, underlined the company’s belief in the important role of libraries;

We are keen to support public and school libraries, and OverDrive, as one of the leading suppliers in this market, provides us with a global network that helps us achieve this, as well as encouraging the discovery of these amazing books across the world.

In addition, the books will be offered in several languages, beginning with English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The only hitch is that this won’t begin until Pottermore.com, which is still in Beta, is launched. However, this announcement may be a signal that it is coming soon.

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