William Landay’s thriller, Defending Jacob, landed at #4 on the NYT Hardcover Fiction best seller list on Sunday, after its first five days on sale.

Playing a bit of catchup, Janet Maslin reviews it in today’s NYT. She presents the review as its own mystery; whether Landay, “a former district attorney with two well-received novels behind him, has developed the chops to catapult himself into the Scott Turow tier of legal-eagle blockbuster writers.”

While she doesn’t definitively answer that question, she comes close to saying “yes,” giving Landy kudos for “creating a clever blend of legal thriller and issue-oriented family implosion,” calling the result “ingenious.”

Libraries are showing heavy holds (as high as 35:1) on modest orders. Those that own the audio (Blackstone) are showing heavy holds on that format. Ebook and downloadable audio are available via OverDrive.

Defending Jacob
William Landay
Retail Price: $26.00
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: RH/Delacorte – (2012-01-31)
ISBN : 978-0-385-34422-7

Blackstone AudioThorndike Large Print

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