Stephenie Meyerland


On the weekend before the first day of filming the adaptation of her book The Host, Stephenie Meyer updates her “awesome” fans on her last year of movie making.

About the director of The Host, Andrew Niccol, she says,

It’s somewhat of a dream to have the creator and director of my favorite sci-fi film (Gattaca) helming this movie. I love the script he’s written, I love his beautiful vision, and I love working with him.

She is also producing an adaptation of Austenland, which wrapped this summer. It seems it was a totally enjoyable experience. She lived in the English countryside, worked with her “bestie” as well as many other “sweet and lovely” and “unbelievably funny” people who continually made laugh herself “into hysterics.”

The movie is now in post-production but no release date has been set. It is based on the Shannon Hale’s first book for adults, Austenland, (Bloomsbury USA, 2007) about a woman (played in the movie by Keri Russell) who tries to overcome her debilitating infatuation with Mr. Darcy (specifically, Colin Firth’s version in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice) by going to an English resort that caters to the Austen-obsessed. Keri Russell stars, with JJ Field (as a Mr. Darcy stand-in), Jennifer Coolidge (as Miss Elizabeth Charming, another Austenland guest) and Jane Seymour (Austenland’s hostess).

A sequel, Midnight in Austenland (Bloomsbury USA), was released on Jan 31.

Meyer also writes about the 101 days she spent on the set of Breaking Dawn, Parts One and Two (or, “BD 1&2”), for which she also plays producer. It’s refreshing to hear that, while  most of the experience was “magic”  and “amazing,” there were a few rough patches.

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