Terry Brooks’ LANDOVER Series to Movies

Terry Brooks announced on his blog yesterday that Warner Brothers has optioned his Magic Kingdom of Landover series. He cautions, however, that he’s been down this route before with no result. As he said in his 2009 holiday letter, Universal had the rights to the series until April of 2010, but it went nowhere. Warner has had an option on his Shannara series for a while. In that case, a director was hired, but then moved on.

He seems more hopeful about Warner’s plans for The Magic Kingdom. He says there has been interest from “a major actor” and a screen writer is working on the adaptation, giving  “reason to believe after talking to the principals that this time we have more than words to suggest something might really happen.”

The first book in the series is Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! (RH/Del Rey, 1986).

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  1. Chrissy Says:

    LOVE IT!!
    Can’t Wait to see it!!!!