Who Makes the Best Reacher?


Many of you were dismayed when you learned that Tom Cruise had been chosen to play Jack Reacher in the film version of  Lee Child’s One Shot (RH/Delacorte, 2005). At 6 feet 5 inches and  around 250 pounds, Reacher is an imposing figure. Tom Cruise is…smaller.

Here’s a way to vent your feelings; the Wall Street Journal today offers the opportunity to vote on who would make the best Reacher. So far, Cruise trails all the choices, with just 3% of the votes. Daniel Craig leads, with 28%, followed closely by Viggo Moretensen (23%) and Ray Stevenson (22%).

It’s been a long an tortuous road to bring Reacher to the screen, and not only because the lead was difficult to cast, as the accompanying WSJ article explores.

The movie, One Shot, is expected to be released in 2013. Child tells the WSJ that if it is a success, Killing Floor (Penguin/Putnam, 1997) will probably be the next title in the series. Bad Luck and Trouble (RH/Delacorte, 2007) is under discussion for #3.


One Response to “Who Makes the Best Reacher?”

  1. Robin Says:

    Personally, I prefer the list over at the blog Criminal Element. And of that list, Max Martini is my preferred Reacher. I think he would have been amazing. http://www.criminalelement.com/blogs/2011/06/pick-the-right-reacher-your-top-5