Boycott Amazon?

Above: Button and coaster from Diesel Bookstore in Oakland, CA

The Huffington Post poses the question of whether consumers should boycott Amazon.

The company’s Price Check App, which offers a 5% discount to customers in exchange for scanning prices in bricks-and-mortar store, was introduced late last week. The American Booksellers Association immediately issued a strongly-worded statement against the promotion (even though the program does not apply to books).

As The Huffington Post notes, the new policy further angers retailers, publishers and politicians who are already upset about the company’s sales tax policies and over the Amazon Kindle lending library.

Of course, many libraries buy from Amazon, either when specific titles are not available elsewhere, or when prices are significantly cheaper.

We’d like to hear from you about whether you have stopped buying from Amazon and why. Please let us know in the comments section.

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One Response to “Boycott Amazon?”

  1. Anna Says:

    I have stopped buying books from Amazon. Instead, I buy all my books from my local independent bookstore, which allows me to order books online and pick them up at the store. It’s fast and easy and there’s no shipping. While I’m in the store, I see other books that I might want to read. I get to contribute to my local economy instead of a soul-sucking monopoly.