Filming of The Hunger Games, which has been shooting in North Carolina, wrapped on Saturday. The movie now goes in to post-production in preparation for the March 23rd release.

Asheville News 13 anchor Russ Bowen,who has been tweeting from the set, announced the wrap, which was confirmed by Lionsgate. He also says, “Expect a few changes in film version. You will be surprised but will likely like them. I won’t give spoilers though.”

Lionsgate has set up a viral marketing site, TheCapitol.PN.

Director Gary Ross offers a bit of insight into the very brief teaser trailer that debuted on 8/28 during MTV’s Video Music Awards.

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One Response to “HUNGER GAMES Wraps”

  1. Kathleen Sullivan Says:

    Oh, Goodness! I really, really hope that they did not mess with the story too much. It is one thing to have to tighten it up for a screen version- it is another to “change” it. I will be so disappointed if it is not true to the book(s).