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While some of us were pre-occupied by Hurricane Irene preparations this weekend, others were buzzing about a mysterious listing for a book on the Casey Anthony murder trial that appeared on and B& (where it wasn’t listed when we checked).

This morning, the Orlando Sentinal confirms that Jeff Ashton, the prosecutor in the case, is releasing a book in late November, titled Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony. is showing the publisher as Morrow and the date as 11/29, but no information is currently on American retailer or wholesaler sites. UPDATE: Publishing information is now available:

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony
Jeff Ashton
Retail Price: $26.99
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: William Morrow & Company – (2011-11)
ISBN / EAN: 006212532X / 9780062125323

Casey Anthony has been called “The most hated woman in America.” A report by The Los Angeles Examiner, based on anonymous sources, claiming that she signed a deal to write a book with an unnamed publisher, brought strong reactions. Suspicions that S&S might be the unnamed publisher resulted in furious comments on the company’s Facebook page and a denial, “An update to our fans regarding rumors about Simon & Schuster: we are not publishing, and have never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team.”

Anger at Anthony translates into approval for her prosecutor Ashton, who is getting kudos on Facebook for his book and being called “American’s Sweetheart” (even though, as Gawker comments, he “failed to convict a woman who was already convicted by cable television viewers”).

Already in the works is a book by the forensic psychologist who commented on Fox News frequently about the case, Keith Ablow. Also coming in November, it’s titled Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony, (St. Martin’s, 11/22).  Ablow has written several other books, including the similarly-titled Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson, (St. Martin’s, 2005)

Casey Anthony’s parents, once rumored to be working on a book deal, have denied those reports and are scheduled for an appearance on the Dr Phil Show on 9/12.

2 Responses to “Casey Anthony Books”

  1. Jane Bailey Says:

    I will definitely support the purchase of the above mentioned books, as hopefully they will give us insight to what went wrong in her prosecution and what goes on inside the mind of someone so evil. I would NOT, however, purchase anything written by Casey Anthony or on her behalf as she has proven to be untruthful in everything she says. If the Anthony’s were to write a book and give the proceeds to charity, I would purchase that also.

  2. Susie Mollett Says:

    I will not be buying any of these books. Infact I will ask all my friends and family not to buy these books. trash and nothing but.