GalleyChat favorite, Family Fang by Kevin Wilson, which arrives next week, gets a good start with a strong review by Janet Maslin in todays NYT as well as a B+ from Entertainment Weekly. Wilson is respected for his short stories, gathered in the collection Tunneling to the Center of the Earth. Family Fang is his first novel, the story of performance artists who force their kids into the “family business” of protesting American superficiality by creating events in shopping malls that result in chaos. The parents call this art, their two children,  call it “making a mess.” GalleyChatters appreciated Wilson’s sly humor and flights of fantasy, employed to explore how parents’ ambitions can affect their children, making it a good candidate for book discussions. In a starred review, Booklist said, “Don’t be surprised if this becomes one of the most discussed novels of the year.” This is borne out by the number of times the book has come up on GalleyChat since it was first discussed back in February.

The Family Fang: A Novel
Kevin Wilson
Retail Price: $18.99
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Ecco – (2011-08-09)
ISBN / EAN: /780061579035/ 006157903

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