Daniel Silva On the TODAY SHOW

You know you’ve arrived when your new book is heralded by a publication day sit-down with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. This is now a regular event for Daniel Silva, whose new book, Portrait of a Spy arrived yesterday (it also happens that his wife works for the show, but the fact that each of his last four books has gone to #1 on the NYT Best Seller list probably trumps nepotism). This is the eleventh title in the Gabriel Allon series.

Universal Studios recently acquired the film rights to the series. This is the first of Silva’s books published by HarperCollins after his switch from Putnam.

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One Response to “Daniel Silva On the TODAY SHOW”

  1. Jeff Brody Says:

    I enjoy Daniel Silva’s books, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the impact of his wife’s position on the NBC decision to invite him on Today. There are a lot of other authors who reach that point on the best seller lists who would not be invited on the Today Show to talk about their books on the first day of release.