If you were to cast the movie of the high-concept comic novel, Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips (Little, Brown, 2007), which imagines the Greek gods are alive and living in a modern-day moldy brownstone in London, who would you pick to play Zeus, the down-on-his-luck, now crazy patriarch?

Would you choose a quirky, somewhat scary actor, like Christopher Walken?

If so, then you’d be in agreement with director Marc Turtletaub (producer of Little Miss Sunshine, Everything is Illuminated and Away We Go), who has also chosen a roster of other well-known American actors, necessitating a switch in location to a brownstone in NYC. Shooting begins mid-July (via Thompson on Hollywood).

The rest of the cast includes:

Alicia Silverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach — Kate and Neil, mortals who share the house with the Olympians

Sharon Stone — Aphrodite, a phone-sex operator

Oliver Platt  — Apollo, a TV psychic

Edie Falco — Artemis,  a dog-walker

Nelsan Ellis — Dionysus, a night-club owner

Phylicia Rashad — Demeter

John Turturro — Hades

Rosie Perez — Persephone

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