Diana Ever After

This week, we get two versions of Diana’s life if she were still living.

In Newsweek, editor Tina Brown imagines Diana without the car crash. Botox? Of course. Continued interest in causes? No doubt. Twitter followers? Ten million.

In her novel, Untold Story, (Scribner), published today, Monica Ali imagines that Diana faked her death so she could live away from the public eye. Just like its subject, the book has been receiving more than its fair share of press attention. It’s on the cover of the NYT Book Review, the author is interviewed on today’s Morning Edition on NPR, and the book is reviewed on the NPR site (“…a thriller that’s well-structured and engaging — if not much deeper than the swimming pool in which Lydia [Diana] obsessively works out her troubles.”)

Holds are heavy in a few libraries; in most, they are slightly over 1:1.

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