Beach Reads from New York Magazine

New York magazine’s Summer Guide, offers just five “beach reads,” (in contrast, the Guide recommends The City’s Top 16 Ice Creams). Included in the list is The Hypnotist which comes out tomorrow and is widely expected to be this season’s biggest Swedish thriller. The New York annotation reads, “Maximum intensity, both psychological and physical, is packed into the story of a family ruthlessly slaughtered—possibly by their own teenage son—and the haunted ex-hypnotist who teases out the buried truth.”

Holds are growing in libraries.

In a sidebar, Nicholson Baker’s forthcoming book, House of Holes (S&S, 8/9), is called “his dirtiest work yet: a 200-plus-page tour of a sex-fantasy theme park without a proper plot or central characters. It may be the raunchiest novel ever published by a major American house.” The publisher makes no bones about that; it’s subtitled, “A Book of Raunch.”

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