New Michael Crichton This Fall

MICRO, (ISBN 9780060873028) a new book by Michael Crichton, who finished one third of it before his death in 2008, will be published on November 22. HarperCollins press release It is described as a hogh-concept thriller n the vein of Jurassic Park,” and says the story follows,

…a group of graduate students who are lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company specializing in micro-robotics. Conflict with the head of the company leaves the group fighting for their lives when they find themselves physically transformed and cast out into the rain forest, with only their scientific expertise and wits to protect them.

The book was completed by Richard Preston, known for his best-selling nonfiction title, The Hot Zone, about the Ebola virus. He has written suspense novels as well as narrative nonfiction and is a regular contributor to The New Yorker.

An earlier posthumous title by Chrichton, Pirate Latitudes, was published in 2009.

3 Responses to “New Michael Crichton This Fall”

  1. Fat Guy Says:

    Wow, Michael Crichton is turning out to be the Tupac of the pop fiction world. How many more posthumous releases can we expect from him?

  2. Desiree Bongers Says:

    Crichton is spelled wrong in the post. Thanks! :)

  3. Nora Rawlinson Says:

    I HATE when I do that — thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected now.