Better Than The Real Thing

Earlier this week, we highlighted what we thought was one of the funnier of the Royal Wedding books, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding (Andrews McMeel).

Turns out it’s been one of the biggest-selling titles in the UK and is currently out of stock in the US. The staff the Everett Public Library in Washington State actually took up the challenge and knitted the entire wedding party. The resulting display gained coverage from the local newspaper as well as CNN.

Compare the photos below — we think the Everett Public Library knitters’ results are even better than those in the book.

Photo Credit: Everett Library staff
















Of course, it was tough to predict exactly what the family would wear, but the knitters got one thing right — Kate Middleton, confounding expectations, wore a tiara.

One Response to “Better Than The Real Thing”

  1. Kim Payne Says:

    Thank you for this post. I have to admit when I saw William wearing a red uniform I thought “Oh no, we got it wrong!” I feel a little better because right now William and Kate are riding around the streets of the palace in a car wearing a blue uniform. I’m glad Kate went with the tiara. At least we got that right. It’s been fun.