THE PASSAGE Moving Closer to Screen

After being signed based on a manuscript back in 2007, there’s been little news about the adaptation of last summer’s debut sci fi hit, The Passage by Justin Cronin (Ballantine). That changed this week with the announcement that Ridley Scott’s been replaced as director by Matt Reeves and the script is being rewritten, with Scott producing. Reeves, who directed Let Me In, is described by The Hollywood Reporter as “thoughtful and intellectual.”

The book was planned as the first in a trilogy. When will the next one come out? Random House tells us that book 2, The Twelve is scheduled to pub summer 2012.

The trade paperback of The Passage arrives next month, with quite a different cover from the hardback.

The Passage: A Novel
Justin Cronin
Retail Price: $16.00
Paperback: 800 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books – (2011-05-17)
ISBN / EAN: 0345504976 / 9780345504975

One Response to “THE PASSAGE Moving Closer to Screen”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Why? Why do publishers change terrific, recognizable book covers on the trade paperbacks, especially to something that’s not as visually interesting? The book is partially “branded” by the cover and then they went and changed it. It makes no sense.