ENDER’S GAME, the Movie?

MTV interviewed producer Roberto Orci, currently at work on a movie of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

There was great excitement among fans when it was announced that the Orci and producing partner, Alex Kurtzman, were involved with the film, but the interview is not particularly encouraging;

“The first thing is to set it up somewhere. The last 48 hours I’ve been running around trying to sell the damn thing, and someone needs to get some guts, and get in here and buy it.”

Orci and Kurtzman are behind the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens as well as Star Trek and Transformers. They are therefore seen as having the connections to make the Ender’s Game adaptation happen. Orci admits, however,

This is one of those books, since it came out in ’85, it turned into a classic, but there was always this feeling that somehow you can’t be faithful, because the audience isn’t sophisticated enough.

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