USA Today signs on as a fan of writer Lisa Genova and her second novel, Left Neglected,

Genova is a master of getting into the heads of her characters, relating from the inside out what it’s like to suffer from a debilitating disease. How she does it we don’t know, but she does, and brilliantly.

Genova’s debut novel, Still Alice, about a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s, was an original trade paperback best seller last year. In the new book, Genova, a neuroscientist, writes about a woman with a brain disease that results in her inability to see or feel anything on the left side of her body.

Readers may think, “oh, no, not another brain disease,” but, looked at more broadly, the novel is about a more universal issue, as writer Ann Hood describes it in her blurb,

Imagine your too busy, over scheduled, Type A life coming to a screeching halt. That is what happens in Lisa Genova’s timely new novel, Left Neglected. As her protagonist, Sarah Nickerson, works her way through a devastating brain injury and back into that hectic life, she is forced to re-evaluate what really matters. I dare any reader to not do the same in their own lives after reading this book.

USA Today echoes, “Picking up anything written by Genova is quickly becoming, well, a no-brainer.”

Left Neglected
Lisa Genova
Retail Price: $25.00
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Gallery – (2011-01-04)
ISBN / EAN: 1439164630 / 9781439164631

Simon & Schuster Audio, January 2011; Unabridged Compact Disk, 9 disks; ISBN-13: 9781442335394; $39.99
Large Type; Thorndike, ISBN 9781410433824; $35.99

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