Arriving in theaters tomorrow is “the movie that Facebook doesn’t want you to see,” (New York magazine), The Social Network, based on Ben Mezrich’s book about the founding of the company, Accidental Billionaires. Some skeptics say the true reason behnind Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donating $100 million to Newark NJ’s School system is to garner good press in advance of the movie.

Whether or not the movie is a accurate portrayal of Zukerberg, the New York Times finds it a “a resonant contemporary story about the new power elite.” Also, it is a chance to see Rooney Mara, the actress who won the role of Lizbeth Sanders in the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Movie Title: The Social Network

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Joseph Mazzello, Rooney Mara, Rashida Jones, Jesse Eisenberg, Malese Jow, Justin Timberlake

Official Web Site: TheSocialNetwork-Movie

Based on: The Accidental Billionaires, Ben Mezrich


The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal
Ben Mezrich
Retail Price: $15.95
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Anchor – (2010-09-28)
ISBN / EAN: 0307740986 / 9780307740984

Also releasing today is a movie based on Freakonomics, which the NYT calls “The jocular screen adaptation of the 2005 best seller…a shallow but diverting alternative to the book” and Let Me In, the American remake of a Swedish vampire movie, based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The NYT says, “Even if you think you’ve had enough of the vampirization of popular culture …find room in your heart for this one.”

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