That Was Then

Back in 2008, when EarlyWord was in its infancy, we ran this photo from a BEA ’08 booth display. It was for a book that was the first in a planned trilogy, coming out in the fall with big hopes and an announced 100,000 copy print run (doubled after the reactions at BEA). There was lots of buzz on librarian blogs, but at that point it hadn’t been reviewed and only two of the fifteen large libraries we checked had it on order. It went on to debut on best seller lists in its first week on sale.

And now, the final title in the trilogy, Mockingjay, has a total of 1.6 million copies in print since its release on August 24 (see Scholastic’s press release). A movie based on Hunger Games is scheduled to begin production early next year.

(Thanks to Angelina Benedetti, King County, WA, PL for supplying us with that photo, way back when. And, congrats, Cindy, for spotting a winner).

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