Party Schools

The Wall Street Journal reviews a book that is sharply critical of America’s colleges, The Five-Year Party by Craig Brandon, published by the Dallas-based indie publisher, BenBella Books, sending it up the Amazon sales rankings to #146.

The WSJ review says the book’s “chief villains are a new breed of college administrators, whom Mr. Brandon says have more in common with Gordon Gekko than Aristotle,” but no one who has paid attention to higher ed in recent years will be surprised by the book and “Brandon’s ideas for policy reform are uneven…[but] The adults who pay the bills need to know what is happening to their kids on campus.”

Few libraries have ordered it.

The Five-Year Party: How Colleges Have Given Up on Educating Your Child and What You Can Do About It
Craig Brandon
Retail Price: $14.95
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: BenBella Books – (2010-08-17)
ISBN / EAN: 1935251805 / 9781935251804

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