Jolie/Cleo or Jolie/Taylor?

With her new movie, Salt, hitting theaters this weekend, it seems Angelina Jolie is all over the newsstands.

But, will she be all over the movie Cleopatra, based on the forthcoming bio by Stacy Schiff (Little, Brown, Nov)?

Perhaps the oddly similar poses on the covers of that bio and the forthcoming Jolie bio by Andrew Morton (St. Martin’s, Aug) are prophetic?

Entertainment Weekly‘s Hollywood Insider blog asked Jolie about the rumors. She replied,

I would be honored. I’m fascinated by her. I love history, and I love that part of the world, but we haven’t gotten the script yet so we we’ll see if there is something that’s good enough, and then we’ll try to make it. I’m not sure I could top Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t know that anybody could be better [playing Cleopatra] than Elizabeth Taylor. I love her. She’s always been one of my favorites.

Meanwhile, the UK Telegraph claims Jolie is also in the running to play Elizabeth Taylor in a movie based on the bio, Furious Love, which they say Mike Nicholls wants to direct. Seems unlikely, but then, he did have experience directing the real Elizabeth Taylor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. Liz Smith called the story, which also appeared on ETOnline, “curious” in her column on WowoWow yesterday.

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century
Sam Kashner, Nancy Schoenberger
Retail Price: $27.99
Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: Harper – (2010-06-01)
ISBN / EAN: 006156284X / 9780061562846

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