The Cast of THE HELP

Back in March, People magazine speculated on a dream cast for the movie of The Help. Now that the movie is shooting in Greenwood, Mississippi, People has to admit that none of their choices made it.

Comparisons, below.  When we will see the results of the casting? So far, nothing more definite than “sometime next year.”

Role: Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Phelan — Old Miss grad who returns home to Jackson, Miss. in the ’60’s and decides to enlist the local maids in writing a book that reveals what they really think of their employers.
People pick: Claire Danes
Role went to: Emma Stone.
Recently appeared in: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Role: Aibileen; the first maid to join the project. A strong and wise woman who has raised 17 of the local community’s children.
People pick: Oprah Winfrey
Role went to: Viola Davis
Known for: Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Doubt (2006)

Role: Hilly Holbrook, the local mean girl and Skeeter’s nemesis
People pick: Anne Hathaway
Role went to: Bryce Dallas Howard
Recently played: the villainous vampire Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2006)

Role: Minny, Aibilene’s good friend. Unable to hold her tongue, and, as a result, a job as a maid, she winds up working on the sly for Jackson newcomer Celia Foote, who is desperate to make her husband think she can cook and clean.
People pick: Mo’Nique
Role went to: Octavia Spencer
Recently appeared in: the TV series Ugly Betty

Role: Celia Foote
People pick: Scarlett Johansson
Role went to: Jessica Chastain
Recently appeared in: several TV series and a bit part in the recent Winter’s Bone

3 Responses to “The Cast of THE HELP”

  1. marin younker Says:

    no studio could have afforded the movie with People mag’s suggested cast!

  2. Anne Paluck Says:

    I think the choices are better than the People choices. Octavia Spencer reads on the audiobook and she is wonderful–a great choice!

  3. Elita Says:

    Wait, all three of the white leading ladies are redheads who look similar. I’m not sure that was the best idea. Someone’s going to have to dye her hair for sure.