BLOOD OATH Picking up Steam

Janet Maslin warned us in the NYT last week not to think of Blood Oath as the “umpteenth vampire knockoff on the market,” but to “Think of it as the inventive one.” It jumped up the Amazon best seller list today, rising to  #267, from #5,511 yesterday.

Other review sources are also discovering the book, which came out in mid-May. USA Today‘s recent mystery and thriller roundup seconds Maslin,

Just when you think there’s nothing new to say about vampires, along comes Nathaniel Cade. The star of Christopher Farnsworth’s Blood Oath is a secret agent/blood drinker. Think Jack Bauer/Dirty Harry of the supernatural world.

But the Washington Post was ahead of the pack, writing about it in April,

Farnsworth summons his talents as a scriptwriter and journalist to spin a complex and unnervingly realistic tale in which vampire Nathaniel Cade, a Secret Service agent sworn to protect the president, is far less of a monster than his human colleagues at the CIA and FBI…With its labyrinthine plot and byzantine layers of government deceit, Blood Oath is a 21st-century riff on themes explored in such classics from America’s first Paranoid Age as The Manchurian Candidate and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Cade is a wonderfully idiosyncratic character: a Christian renegade from the Vampire Nation who attends AA meetings to help him resist the lure of human blood.

Did you notice that Farnsworth is described as a scriptwriter? You guessed it; film rights were sold in mid-May to Blood Oath and its followup, Black Site, which Farnsworth is still writing (he was signed by Putnam for three books).

This book trailer offers a foretaste.


Christopher Farnsworth
Retail Price: $24.95
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Putnam Adult – (2010-05-18)
ISBN / EAN: 0399156356 / 9780399156359

Penguin Audio; 9780142427743; $39.95
Blackstone Audio: UABR; Read by Bronson Pinchot

9 CDs; 1441739520; $54.50
1 MP3CD; 1441739551; $14.98
1 Playaway;144179582; $45.49
8 Tapes; 1441739513; $39.98

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