Were There Any BOOKS at Book Expo?

If you read the press coverage of last week’s Book Expo, you might come away with the impression that there were no actual books at the show. It all seems to be talk of eBooks, Google, dying business models and Sarah Ferguson (with only glancing mention of her book).

Last year, we were able to put together TWO “Big Books of BEA” lists, one fiction and one nonfiction, based on reports in the national press. Now, all we have is PW‘s roundup, which calls The Passage the book of the show. Yes, it has huge marketing behind it, which is refreshing in the book business today, but it’s coming out  NEXT WEEK; isn’t BEA about the big FALL season? The rest of the list is rundown of what was hyped at the Book Buzz panel, several big names authors’ next titles and a drive-by of some favorite indie presses.

This year, to get excited about the fall season, depend on the librarians’ Shout & Share picks and browsing the Edelweiss catalog of books at the show.

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