Marilyn Johnson at BEA

There will be hundreds of authors in the BEA booths next week, but one has a special appeal for librarians. Tantor Audio will be hosting the Marilyn Johnson, author of This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All at booth #3976  next Thursday from 11 am to noon.

In the process of promoting her book, Marilyn has become even more passionate about the need for library support, as she exhibits in this video from MidWinter:

This Book Is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
Read by Hillary Huber
Running Time: 7 hrs 30 min – Unabridged
Trade 9781400116348 6 Audio CD $34.99
Library 9781400146345 6 Audio CD $69.99
MP3 9781400166343 1 MP3-CD $24.99

One Response to “Marilyn Johnson at BEA”

  1. lisav Says:

    Hey, I will so BE there. I loved this book. It truly was a love letter to librarians from a distinguished journalist. The behind the scenes look at the public librarians was enthralling. It isn’t often that a someone on the outside really GETS it. The trials and tribulations of public service combined with the thrilling moments of successfully uncovering the information or materials a patron needs.