What Scientists Know About Marriage

The most emailed and viewed story on the NYT Web site currently is “The Science of a Happy Marriage,” by Tara Parker-Pope on the Well blog.

Parker-Pope has just released a book with a similar subtitle, For Better: The Science of a Good MarriageNewsweek says it “may be the most credible and interesting marital self-help book of all time.” The book has received considerable attention; a long piece in the New Yorker, and reviews in the L.A. Times,  San Francisco Chronicle and one by Susan Jane Gilman on NPR (naturally, the author of the brilliantly titled Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress has an inspired headline, “Chemistry Set for The Science of a Good Marriage”). Those who are skeptical about scientific studies of something as elusive as happy marriages, will be amused by Carolyn See‘s contrarian review in The Washington Post.

For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage
Tara Parker-Pope
Retail Price: $25.95
Hardcover: 356 pages
Publisher: Dutton Adult – (2010-05-06)
ISBN / EAN: 0525951385 / 9780525951384

HighBridge Audio; UNABR; 9781615730940; $26.95

WMA Audiobook from OverDrive

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