New Stephen King Novella

Surprise novellas by big name authors are popping up all over the place (see earlier post about a Twilight novella).

Entertainment Weekly‘s “Shelf Life” blog announces that Stephen King is releasing a “surprise baseball novella,” just in time for Opening Day. “Shelf Life” describes it as,

…the tale of William Blakely, a player long erased from the history books, who harbored a deep, dark secret. Knowing the author, I suspect it’ll be something a lot creepier than steroids or pine tar.

Published by small press, Cemetary Dance, it is currently only available through their web site (which says that the book is at the printer now and will be arriving at their warehouse in mid-April). The site warns that the first printing will be small and that they will fill direct orders first, followed by those from distributors, online stores, and the chains, “if there are copies left available after we’ve taken care of our regular customers.”

Trade Hardcover Edition ($25)
Publisher: Cemetary Dance

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