PLA Book Buzz

Nancy Pearl’s PLA Book Buzz session attracted a huge audience, as predicted, only slightly dwarfed by an enormous room (PLA president Sari Feldman noted in her intro. that PLA gets a bigger room for this session each time).

Nancy began this program at PLA 2006 in Boston. She invites library marketers to talk about the titles they are particularly excited about (I’m pleased to say I was part of the inaugural group; I was head of library marketing at Hachette at the time). This is an opportunity to tap in to that legendary source of word of mouth, “in-house buzz.” It also gives librarians a great way to create their own “galleys to grab” lists prior to the opening of the show floor (indeed, that appeared to work, as publishers’ booths were inundated shortly after the doors opened).

Our heroine, Barbara Hoffert, LJ‘s Book Review Editor, managed to post an amazing roundup of titles mentioned at 2:30 the next morning. We will post links to each publisher’s roundup as they become available (Macmillan’s is up  now).

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