THE HELP, The Movie, May Shoot this Summer

Steven Spielberg and his DreamWorks Studio may begin production of the movie version of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help this summer, to be directed by Tate Taylor. Included in his qualifications for the job is the fact that he and Stockett have been friends since they were five years old. In an article yesterday, the AP describes their relationship and notes that Stockett is at work on her second novel, set in Mississippi during the Depression and is involved in casting the movie.

People magazine recently offered casting suggestions:

Claire Danes as Skeeter — In the book, recent college grad Skeeter moves back to her home town, Jackson, Mississippi, in the ’60’s. She talks a group of black maids into telling her their stories in hopes of getting a book deal (and out of Jackson). People thinks Danes’ performance as Temple Grandin in the HBO movie proves she could handle this role.

Oprah Winfrey as Aibileen — she’s been in a Spielberg movie before; The Color Purple. She should be ready for a comeback!

Anne Hathaway as Hilly — People thinks it’s time for her to play the mean girl and Hilly’s plenty mean, browbeating not only her maid Aibileen, but her small circle of friends.

Mo’Nique as Minny — Aibileen’s feisty best friend deserves an equally feisty actress.

Scarlett Johansson as Celia — as an outsider, Celia is the only woman in town who will hire Minny. People notes the character does a lot of “lying around,”  which “sounds perfect” Johansson.

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