NPR Features Debut Mystery Series Set in Africa

With the press of thousand of new books released each week, the consumer media rarely reaches back to cover titles that came out months earlier. But on NPR’s Weekend Edition yesterday, Liane Hansen featured the debut title in a new detective series that came out back in July.

Since it is set in Africa, you might be tempted to think of a certain Scottish writer, but Kirkus said of it,

Quartey’s approach to detective work is less charming and more sociological than McCall Smith’s, his setting more rural and susceptible to the ways of magicians. There’s plenty of room for them both, and the newcomer is most welcome.

The title refers to girls who are “given over to a type of priest to atone for the crimes of their families.” Says Quartey, “They do a lot of hard work for him and once they’ve reached puberty, he has sex with them.”


Wife of the Gods
Kwei Quartey
Retail Price: $24.00
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Random House – (2009-07-14)
ISBN / EAN: 1400067596 / 9781400067596

Audio: Tantor

  • Trade CD; 9781400113415;$34.99
  • Library CD; 9781400143412; $69.99
  • MP3 CD; 9781400163410;  $24.99

Audio and eBook downloadable from OverDrive

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