New Approach to Autism

A new program for teachers and parents of toddlers with autism is producing encouraging results.

The NYTWell” blog points to a report in the Journal of  the American Academy of Pediatrics that shows the Early Start Denver Model (E.S.D.M.) resulted in increased I.Q.’s.

The “Well” blog also interviews one of the co-authors of a new book describing the program. Libraries we checked have not ordered it.

Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism: Promoting Language, Learning, and Engagement
Sally J. Rogers PhD, Geraldine Dawson PhD
Retail Price: $48.00
Paperback: 297 pages
Publisher: The Guilford Press – (2009-12-09)
ISBN / EAN: 1606236318 / 9781606236314

One Response to “New Approach to Autism”

  1. Emily Dagg Says:

    It looks like a very good resource. However, due to the cost of this item, I’d only purchase it for my library if a patron specifically requested this title.