Oprah Announces End of Show

A  tearful Oprah explained her decision to say “goodbye” live on her show Friday.

Well, not goodbye quite yet — the show continues through September 9, 2011; quite a long goodbye. The Oprah site is already featuring her “Top Twenty Moments” (a lot of weeping and, yes, the Book Club is one of the moments and, no, the Sarah Palin interview is not, nor is Tom Cruise’s).

Actually, we may be saying hello to even more Oprah in the future, as the Discovery Network Health channel morphs into the Oprah Winfrey cable network, OWN, in January 2011. Officially, Oprah has said she will not bring the Oprah Winfrey Show to the Oprah Winfrey Network, but news sources, such as  the LA Times, are already predicting she will do a daily show on OWN.

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