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Cathleen Tetro, Publisher, Westview

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Cathleen Tetro

Publisher, Westview

Westview publishes academic titles in core disciplines, which also appeal to those who want to understand current events, such as the U.S. role in the Middle East, the future of U.S. foreign policy, the role of race in the response to Hurricane Katrina, ethnoviolence and the use of popular culture by Christian leaders to expand their congregations, dubbed “Christotainment.”

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Roger Cooper, Publisher, Vanguard Press

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Roger Cooper

Publisher, Vanguard Press

Vanguard was established two years ago by publishing veteran, Roger Cooper. Its “mission is to have a selective publishing list, and to look at every book as an event. We craft substantial, focused, and energetic marketing campaigns that will reach the widest possible audience.”

Vanguard is “very proud to be publishing quality commercial fiction in all genres by such bestselling authors as David Morrell, Greg Bear, Eileen Goudge, Kyle Mills, Mark Gimenez, Tom Grace, and others, as well as selected commercial nonfiction, such as the 30th Anniversary Edition of Roots by Alex Haley or Be a Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi.”

Download the Catalog Vanguard Press — Spring ‘09

Among the titles presented are:


Krista Lyons, Publisher, Seal Press

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Krista Lyons

Publisher, Seal Press

Seal Press’s motto is “Groundbreaking Books. By Women. For Women.” Their titles aim to offer “edgy, über-honest takes on all sorts of topics.” They are proud to have “scored some firsts and broken a few barriers, publishing the first book on African American women’s health, critical guidebooks on lesbian relationships and parenting, key writings of the third wave feminist movement, and essential, deeply personal stories by transgender men and women.”

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Among the titles presented are:


Jon Anderson, Publisher, Running Press

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Jon Anderson

Publisher, Running Press

Running Press’s tag line is “Creative…Engaging…and Lots of Fun.” Their list lives up to this goal, with titles like the “Skinny Bitch” series and the bestselling Cathy Trilogy for young adults.

Download the Catalog Running Press — Fall ‘08

Among the titles presented are:


Susan Weinberg, Publisher, PublicAffairs

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Susan Weinberg

Publisher, PublicAffairs

Public Affairs motto is “good book about things that matter.” Specializing in nonfiction, particularly politics and books by journalists, they made a major splash in the fall with the instant bestseller, What Happened by Scott McClelland.

Download the Catalog Public Affairs — Spring ‘09

Among the titles presented are:


John Radziewicz, Publisher, Da Capo Press

Monday, January 19th, 2009

John Radziewicz

Publisher, Da Capo Press

Da Capo Press, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, has been publishing for four decades. In addition to their long-standing focus on history and the performing arts, they have become known lately for popularly orient nonfiction. Their eclectic list includes Buzz Bisinger, Christopher Hitchens, T. Berry Brazelton, Mary Oliver and Jenny McCarthy. Da Capo prides itself on publishing “intelligent entertainment and informational books for the way people really live.”

Download the Catalog Da Capo Press — Spring ‘09

Among the titles presented are:


John Sherer, Publisher, Basic Books, Basic Civitas, Nation Books

Monday, January 19th, 2009

John Sherer

Publisher, Basic BooksBasic Civitas, and Nation Books

Basic Books has been an important publisher of scholarly books since 1957, known for accessible books on serious subjects. Civitas is their African American imprint. The Nation Books focuses on serious investigative journalism, particularly books that cover subjects that others are afraid to touch.

Download the Catalog Basic Books — Spring ‘09

Among the titles presented are:


Bill Newlin, Publisher, Avalon Travel

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Bill Newlin

Publisher, Avalon Travel

Avalon Travel was formed in 1999 with the merger of three independent travel publishers—Moon Publications (established 1973), John Muir Publications (established 1973), and Foghorn Press (established 1982)—creating the largest independent travel publisher based in the United States. Avalon Travel is the home of Rick Steves and the popular RoadTrip USA series.

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Among the titles presented are: