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What’s on Michael’s Mind?
Library Reads!
August 17, 2013

Workman Publishing is pleased to be
a charter supporter of Library Reads!


We love the idea that all library employees, not just
librarians, can nominate titles.

It reminds me of a visit to my granddaughter’s school,
where every door to a classroom or office had this
sign…“________ is reading _______.”

They looked something like “Miss Hammerstein is reading P.S.

Even the janitor had a sign on his door.

It let students know that everyone in the school, not just their
teachers, was reading a book.


To further support Library Reads, we’ll be posting widgets for
NetGalley ARCs. Below, you’ll find some that currently have us
excited. Please don’t hesitate to ask…We’ll approve you, post-

Don’t read on your computer? Just shoot me an e-mail. We’ll get a
hardcopy out to you, as soon as it’s available.


Of course, we’re not forgetting current
favorites, like THE ART FORGER.

Haven’t read it, yet? Just let me know,
and we’ll get one out to you.

I’ve got a few here, burning a hole in my


Click on LibraryReads program, for more on the program
from the redoubtable Heather McCormick, at 3M.
It wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to her blog, either. Trust me, you’ll like

Now, as promised, click on the titles to register for an
account or sign-in for Netgalley widgets. We’re happy to
authorize any requests placed through Edelweiss, too!


The Explanation for Everything by Lauren

Remember her first Algonquin novel, A FRIEND

That one came out of nowhere, to surprise us all.
Making it even nicer, Lauren’s a peach. She did
a number of successful library appearances for

Upon getting the Algonquin catalogue for fall, one library director
sent me an e-mail, just saying , “When can I have her, again?”

Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman

Leaving the fiction world, to venture into
Anna Quindlen’s A SHORT GUIDE TO A
neighborhood, Alice writes a
meditation on her bout with cancer, the
amazingly strong women it brought into
her life, and (in fact) the very nature of

As she says, “We’re all survivors.”


On this title, I actually have a few finished copies.
If you’d prefer that to an e-galley, let me know.



Somebody Up There Hates You by Hollis

As you all probably know by now, this is my
favorite book of the year
. Among the myriad
reasons… Richie’s is the most original teen voice
I’ve encountered, since Holden Caulfield… true!)

Here’s a delightful and informative video about New York’s
10 Tiny libraries

Ten tiny libraries that popped up in New York

And, to close, giant books in front of a library in France...





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